Wrap me in always, and drag me in with maybes

 Moving, Danny never feels out of breath. His legs never ache, his body never stops. All along pedaling so fast, pedaling and pedaling more. Following the girl into the sunset, over the sidewalks, onto the trail leading into the woods and across the wooden bridge.

Laughing, Danny stares ahead at her head looking back for the moment. The jump, the inevitable tumble into the leaves. Staring into dusk and watching it blanket them with its shadow.

Your innocence is all I have

Talking. Listening mostly. Listening to her. Listening to someone, to some dream.

Summertime sensations swirling around.

The secrets of your dreams

Danny never plans to tell, never plans to let anybody know, this sharp and precious little secret.

Everyday. This habit and this wonder and this reality. So young with sixth grade on the horizon. So ready to grow up and get the hell out of there.

But youth is wasted on the young

All along, this glimmer never known before now.

We’re forever frozen, forever beautiful

 Like her. This blood-red colored gemstone.

Night has come. Again, and again, and again, and again.

The night has come to hold us young

But always and ever, Danny ends up waking up, old again, alone again, remembering again.

The ache still in his side like always. Remembering back to those golden days when he was eleven years old and believed in anything.

For a second he wonders where he is, then realizes it’s a quaint little room in a cute little house in the middle of a creepy little town.

He sighs then crawls out from the covers, feeling little himself. As he pulls the blankets back, he hears something thud on the wooden floor underneath him. He looks over and then notices the flat oval-shaped object. Danny bends over and picks it up.

It’s a rock. A flat grey stone. Quite smooth.

Where’d that thing come from?

It had been at the base of his bed. He hadn’t noticed it last night.

How’d I sleep all night without noticing it?

With another tired sigh, he places the rock on the nearby desk and then decides to try and find some coffee.