The Hinterlands Experience

So, you found us.  Now what?  And what exactly is going on here?

Well, we like to think that Hinterlands represents a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and discovery of a suspense novel as it is written.  Bestselling author of more than 30 works of fiction, Travis Thrasher found himself consumed with the desire to tell a story, one so sweeping and ambitious that the normal publishing channels wouldn’t risk it.

After several years of plotting and outlining and waiting for the right opportunity, Thrasher made a decision – one that benefits all fans of a well-crafted thriller: during 2015, he will blog the story, chapter-by-chapter, week-by-week, until it culminates in a fully-realized novel at year’s end.  The book, The Howling Wind, is the first in a three-book series called The Hinterlands Saga.

Then, in late December 2014, Thrasher shared this vision with his friends at Frequency.FM.  They were quickly caught up in his contagious enthusiasm and raised the stakes: What if they recorded narration for each entry and published it to a dedicated podcast feed in serial fashion?  Hey!  Why not?

So, again, you found us. Now what?

Choose Your Poison

Just Read

Yes, that seems like a no-brainer and, well, it is.  Travis will write one or two entries each week, which will show up on our home page.  Just click and read.  As chapters are completed, they will be compiled and published to the Full Chapter list.

What if you’re late to the game?  That’s pretty simple, too.  We’ve created a “Getting Started” area where you can leap straight to the beginning.  Take your time, work your way through.

Getting Started...

It all needs to start someplace, and that usually means Chapter 1.  The Howling Wind is no different.  Thrasher kicks things off with the provocatively titled Chapter One: Penguins, Pints and Partings.  Of course, if you want to start with the first narrated entry, you’ll want to click here.


Are you a podcast or audiobook person?  Like to hear your books read to you as you drive to work, mow the lawn, or do the dishes?  Then this is the path for you.  As narration is recorded, generally a few days after each entry is published, it is uploaded and attached to the associated entry post.  Just open the post and click the play button in the embedded podcast player.  You can also you can also simply right-click on the “Download” link and save the audio file on your computer for later listening.

Of course, we don’t expect that you’re going to spend all of your time tethered to the computer, listening with headphones on.  One of the best things about podcasts is that they are portable – especially if you own a smartphone.    We suggest you subscribe using one of the methods below.  You’ll be served up with each episode as it’s published.


We don’t want you to miss an episode.  Find your favorite way to subscribe and become a regular listener.

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Just click the button then click “Subscribe”.  Once subscribed,  new episodes of The Hinterlands Podcast will be delivered to iTunes each time you open the program.

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Whether you’re an Apple or Android person, Stitcher provides a great way to keep up with episodes.  And it may also provide some suggestions of other worthy podcasts with a similar theme.

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In some cases, it may be the best way for you to subscribe is via the source RSS feed.  If you don’t know what an RSS feed is, please ignore this option – it will only serve to confuse and annoy.  If you are unable to locate our show using your preferred podcast application, it will generally allow you to enter the RSS feed to subscribe.  Or you may just want to set up the show on your favorite content aggregation site (Feedly,  InoReader, NewsBlur, etc.).  Your choice.

Crack Open the Book…

Chapter Two: Shadowboxer

Chapter Two: Shadowboxer

Chapter 2: Shadowboxer   1             She pressed play on the iPad resting against the dresser and could hear the Bose speakers begin to vibrate. It was the signal for him to come to the bedroom. A sign saying she was dressed up and ready for him to undress her....
Chapter One: Penguins, Pints and Partings

Chapter One: Penguins, Pints and Partings

1. The penguin never stopped changing colors but it always kept its smile. Will Hudson sat on his back staring at the ceiling and thinking about tomorrow. He wondered how Emma would do when he wasn’t there to hold her hand. Odds were high that she’d pitch...